Vibration of the Universe


Semiotic decoding of universal sound into an analogue drawing is a new research project under the title “META_SIGNAL SONAR SYSTEM” or “MSSS”. < AUM> commonly known as OM is the essential vibration of creation. OM is more than a sound, but the vibration of the Universe. It is the frequency of energy that connects and joins all things together. The energy frequency in combine with my current emotions stimulated by surrounding and lo-fi soundscape gives a different visual mark every time when I stand in front of blank paper or canvas: starting from the wrist movements, elliptic and circular movements from the elbow to the movement of the whole body. This type of drawing process represents the root of a primal human expression and communication fields.

Analogue drawing is the most important medium for my personal expression and I find it extremely important. Drawing is a medium in which the expression of body and emotion, intellect, and imagination unites into an empirical dimension that then releases the inner creation of the meta-perception. This area of expression and research is connected with cosmology and universeology, without excluding anthropological influences.


MOON © 2017

7 x analogue drawings _  graphite pencils on canvas roll _ high 200 x wide 90 cm each, 100 cm wide with white wooden sticks _ photography: MOON, 2017