Vibration of the Universe


6th SENSE is an audio-visual interactive collage combined with Augmented Reality Mobile application and handmade analogue drawing-collages. The art project 6th SENSE gives a unique artistic experience where every user has the opportunity to experience not only mixed visuals in real time, but also interact or manipulate with sounds in real time. These sounds are sounds of shapes from analogue drawing-collages.
The project 6th SENSE consists of 10 artworks divided into three (3) series: gold (4), silver (3) and black-gold (3) analogue drawing-collages. Every series has different animated visual patterns and different possibilities of audio transformation. A 3D immersive mobile application is a digital extension for analogue drawing-collages.

While other makes visualization inspired by listening to physical sound and music, my interest is focused on a vice versa effect. It is a research of Universal sound and its visualization. My interest in sound research came from the notion of energy phenomenon. The fact that the sound was the first blueprint of the World, it could be considered the primary expression. Energy is a frequency and vibration of the Universe. An animated coded visual gives an impression of entity or energy from the real-world object – the analogue artwork. The project is a potential opportunity for the audience to experience meditative fundamental imaginative feedback from sound galaxies, as I called it “a clear pulse”.

The Art project 6th SENSE, conceptually and technically is a first art project of that kind in Croatia and in the region of the former Yugoslavia. It belongs to the new movement of contemporary and new media art in Croatia.

MOON © 2018

Photography: Nevio Smajić, Neviđeno – creative workshop, 2018

Author and holder: MOON Martina Zelenika, interdisciplinary artist
Analogue artworks: MOON Martina Zelenika
Sound design: MOON Martina Zelenika
Logo design: MOON Martina Zelenika
Animation concept: MOON Martina Zelenika
Production: MOON Studio / http://www.martinazelenika.com
APP developer: DITDOT creative & development copmany, Dennis Firšt and Nikola Petljak / http://www.ditdot.hr
Programming and animation: DITDOT creative & development copmany
Project coordinator: MOON Martina Zelenika
Project support: NAGON – interdisciplinary laboratory of arts, Zagreb Croatia
Year: February 2018
Place: Zagreb Croatia
Video recording: Neviđeno – creative workshop / http://www.nevideno.com
Video editing: MOON Studio
Year: February/March 2018

4 x handmade drawing-collages _  gold pencil on gold hammer paper 230 gr, gold metal foil  _  original 1/1  _  framed 75 x 55 cm each  _  2017

3 x handmade drawing-collages _  gold pencil on black hammer paper 230 gr, gold metal foil  _  original 1/1  _  framed 75 x 55 cm each  _  2017

3 x handmade drawing-collages _  silver pencil on silver hammer paper 230 gr, silver metal foil  _  original 1/1  _  framed 75 x 55 cm each  _  2017

Photography: Damir Žižić, 2018