interdisciplinary artist

Interdisciplinary is the main characteristic of my artistic expression. I challenge time and space beyond; through science and spirituality I intuitively approach the realization of my artwork and thus lead the observer into a fluid and intimate experience. My art makes a subtle impact on human awareness and individual self-recognition by absorbing a wide image of the world "we exist".


The interdisciplinary artist MOON a.k.a. Martina Zelenika is visionary artist with a unique artistic expression. In her work we notice procedures of a new approach in questioning of today’s contemporary society, resulting with art projects such as: “Tab_Letter” (innovative concept with minimalistic musical letters), “New Europe” (a scientific art project – the sounds of mineral stones, interactive audio-visual installation), “Meta-Signal Sonar System” (visualisation of universal sound, sublimation of intuition, analogue drawing and digital tools); “6th SENSE” audio-visual interactive collages (analogue -digital synergy, Augumnted Reality application and analogue drawing collages), “Architecture of the Universe” (a complex photo collages made from many layers, processes and different mediums), etc.

Artsist MOON advocates the philosophy of cosmology and eco-philosophy, while she sublimates the spiritual dimension through the practice of new technological possibilities. She uses innovative methods to embody her artistic works and links analogue media with the most up-to-date digital technologies and tests out communication areas. Martina Zelenika explores communication fields with emphasis on deconstruction of information (sound) and meta-language through various media. In recent times is most interested in the visualisation of universal sound through the point of departure of analogue drawing. MOON Martina Zelenika makes art that represents freedom and surpasses the censorship of repressive politics locally and globally. This type of art invites all humans to experience togetherness of the universal unity and become connected within good frequency. MOON Martina Zelenika belongs to the new movement of contemporary and new media artists in Croatia and the region of the former Yugoslavia.

education and residences

2017  Risk Change (EU Project) Sound Art Residency, Museum of Contemporary Art Novi Sad, Serbia, by invitation

2017  Future DiverCities, Instagram Art Residency, Creative Europe, by innvitation

2013  Multimedia center KID KIBLA Maribor, New media cross border programme, Art Residency SLO

2011  Institute of International Visual Arts INIVA, Art Residency UK

2011  Islington Arts Factory London, Art Residency UK

2006 M.A. diploma from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design of the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia EU, Video-New Media course (two years programme)

2002 Diploma from the University of Zagreb Teachers Academy (one year of Pedagogic-psychological training)

2001 BA/MA diploma from the Academy of Fine Arts of the University of Zagreb CRO/artistic orientation – graphic department (four years programme)

1997 Graduated from the High School of Applied Arts and Design in Zagreb, scenography and arrangement department. (four years School programme)

stipends, grants and rewards

2017 Croatian Audiovisual Centre – HAVC, government-backed strategic agency for the audiovisual sector in Croatia: a majority production grant for her first experimental movie “Mountain”
2015 Croatia House Foundation (member of EUNIC), grant for her solo exhibition abroad
2013 Multimedia center KID KIBLA Maribor, New Media Cross Border programme, Art Residency SLO, residency stipend
2011 Institute of International Visual Arts INIVA, Art Residency UK, production grant
2003-2006 Stipend provided by the Ministry of education, science and sport of Republic Slovenia
1998-2001 Stipend provided by the Sisacko-moslavacka County, Croatia
2001 2nd YOUTH SALON, Sisak CRO, first prize
2001 Academy award for exceptional accomplishment work during the Study Program at the Academy of Fine Arts University Zagreb CRO

group exhibitions & projects

2017  TOUCH ME Festival, POGON Gallery, Močvara, Zagreb Croatia, the fifth edition entitled “Dark matter or The Invisible that Surround Us”, a project curated by Mónica Bello, Head of Arts at CERN / Upcoming

2016 GANZ new festival, international festival of developmental theatre, &TD Theatre Zagreb, semicircular hall / “The cabin of delicious wonders”
2016 Empeduja Art Kamp 2016 Rijeka, performance art week, Museum of contemporary Art Rijeka
2014  Zagreb Design Week 2014, LAUBA Gallery, competition work, presentation of a furniture concept BOREALIS
2013  11th ART STAYS international exhibition of contemporary art, Ptuj Slovenia
2013  KIBLA PORTAL, MATERIALITY international exhibition of contemporary art, Maribor Slovenia
2012  Islington Arts  Factory’s  Summer Salon 2012, London UK
2012  Laval Nugent Gallery, Group Exhibition of 20 young Croatian artists LN360°, promotion of young Croatian artists, Zagreb Croatia
2011  INIVA Social Archive One: An Economic Forecast (Shoreditch), Guillaume at La Maison video recording, London UK
2011  Islington Arts  Factory’s  Summer Salon 2011, London UK
2010  International triennial expanded artistic media, Belgrade Serbia
2008  Gliptoteka HAZU, 100 years of Academy of Fine Arts, rewarded students, Zagreb Croatia
2006  MAGMART International Art Festival, 2nd edition, Italy
2005  Marganovo Hartera Hall FONA New Arts Festival, Rijeka Croatia
2005  Croatian Association of Visual Artists, 39th Zagreb Salon, Zagreb Croatia
2005  MAMA Center Art Net Lab, Zagreb Croatia
2005  11. International fest of computer arts, Maribor Slovenia
2004  10. International festival of computer arts, Maribor Slovenia
1996  Croatian Association of Visual Artists, 24th Youth Salon, the youngest exhibitor at the exhibition, Zagreb Croatia

solo exhibitions

2016  ABSOLUTE IDEALISM interdisciplinary exhibition presents the TAB_LETTER project, poem “Ode to Humanity” in French language and a cycle Projections Beyond, Institut Français de Croatie, Médiathèque, Zagreb Croatia

2015  META_PERSPECTIVE interdisciplinary performance and multimedia exhibition; presenting TAB_letter (my innovative interdisciplinary project) and a newest cycle Projections Beyond (large drawings of humanoid mutants), Multimedia center KID KIBLA, Maribor Slovenia

2014  Illustrations of the picture book “Life along a river – floods”, Marin Drzic Library, Zagreb Croatia

2013 TAB_LETTER implementation of the poem “Ode to Humanity” in the Slovenian language, music performance by clarinet and Turkish oud, Multimedia center KID KIBLA, Maribor Slovenia

2013 Point of deCREATION, Light Art Shoyat, Mislav Katalinic, Stephan Lupino, Martina Zelenika MOON- TAB project, The cellars of the Diocletian’s Palace UNESCO, Split Croatia

2012  TAB letter Project, 1st phase- “Ode to Humanity” music performed by string trio: viola, violin and cello, Multimedia Gallery Nano, Zagreb Croatia

2011  ÐABALESKO (eng.meaning-work without meaning-for FREE) mini-retrospective exhibition, Gallery Kristofor Stankovic (Cycle of Young Artists), Zagreb Croatia

2008  SIZE DOES(NOT) MATTER, brain sculptures – light interactive installation – video installation, Modern Gallery Josip Racic Studio, Zagreb Croatia

2007  PLANET MAR multimedia-interactive installation, Gallery Nano, Zagreb Croatia

2006  PLANET MAR, interactive project Virtual Station and Planet Mar cycle, Gallery of Matrix Croatia, Zagreb Croatia

2006  CONTACT, computer graphics from the cycle Planet Earth cycle, Gallery Branislav Deskovic, Bol Croatia

2005  Video installations PLANET MAR, Subgallery MUL, MMC Luka, Pula Croatia

2005  THE DAY AFTER, digital photography exhibition, Gallery Camera obscura, Rijeka Croatia

2003  X Files ambient installation with computer graphics, Vladimir Nazor Gallery, Zagreb Croatia

2002  PURGATORY- FORM IN INFORMATION, ambient installations, Student Center Gallery, Zagreb Croatia

public collections

Multimedia center KID KIBLA Maribor SLO

Institute of International Visual Arts INIVA London UK

Museum of modern Art Zagreb CRO

Gallery of the Moslavina Museum Kutina CRO

work experience

Cooperation with many clients from a fields of culture, ecology and social education since Y 2007 as a freelance graphic designer, illustrator, fashion designer, web designer and artist.

BIO Quanta ( Center for Technological Development and Energy Efficiency )
Water Management Croatia Syndicate
Water Management Croatia
RC Government Office for Human Rights
Croatian Union of Physically Disabled Persons Associations (CUPDPA) Zagreb
Zagreb Student Center
The Croatian Film Days
Glorious Backstage Arts London-The Notting Hill Carnival
Prism Bar-Harvey Nichols Restaurants LTD
Movement Angol London
Islington Arts Factory London
DRUID Eco Fashion Brand
Croatian National Television
Ezo TV

fashion design

2011 as an author, creator, designer and activist she become an owner of a 1st eco fashion brand in Croatia under the name DRUID.  www.druid-style.com

fashion exhibitions

2013  ECO Festival/ Fashion Show by DRUID and educational drawing workshop, Zagreb Croatia
2013  D DAY 4th International design festival/ Art installation by DRUID, Zagreb Croatia
2011  FASHION.HR Industry, Fashion Fair / fashion selling stand and Fashion performance, Zagreb Croatia

scenography and exhibition design

2013  International design Fair Zagreb D DAY, exhibition installation for Eco fashion brand DRUID
2011  Fashion Fair Industry Zagreb, exhibition space for Eco fashion brand DRUID
2002 Theater performance “Easiness linen”,  Skofijski Avli, Maribor Slovenia
2001  Theater performance “Easiness linen”, Sisak Croatia

workshops, lectures, symposiums

2017 Risk Change EU Project, Contemporary Museum Novi Sad Serbia, oral presentation
2017 Symposium TOUCH ME Festival, Zagreb Croatia, the fifth edition entitled – “The Invisible Arround Us”, curated by Mónica Bello, Head of Arts at CERN
2014 Art Workshop Summer in Kutina 2014, Kutina CRO, educational painting workshop by DRUID Eco fashion brand
2014 WATER DAY week, Cultural Center Pešćenica and Primary School Vinko Žganec, Zagreb CRO
/educational drawing workshop
2013 Symposium, New Media Cross Border, Multimedia center KIBLA
2013 Art Workshop ECO Festival, Zagreb CRO / educational drawing workshop by DRUID Eco
Fashion Brand
2011 Art Workshop FASHION.HR Industry 2011, Zagreb CRO
2011 Art Workshop Islington Arts Factory, London UK /drawing and painting workshop
2004 MFRU Festival of Coputer Arts, Maribor SLO, Oral presentation
2004 Summer Programme Cultural Center Pešćenica, Zagreb CRO / drawing and painting workshop
2003 Summer Programme Cultural Center Pešćenica, Zagreb CRO / drawing and painting workshop